Pre-Natal / Post-Partum

Prenatal/ Postpartum Series

Somatic Movement Education and Bodywork can offer moms the much needed structural, emotional and energetic support needed to navigate the demands of new life with greater ease and well being.

There are few times in life when the body and mind are asked to change more dramatically than during pregnancy and the first postpartum year. For this reason I offer a Prenatal and postpartum bodywork and somatic movement series for Mom and baby to meet the unique needs of this profound time of life. The benefits of receiving bodywork during your pregnancy and postpartum are great. Babies nervous systems are closely patterned and conntected to their moms. For this reason any work to help regulate the nervous system, restore balance and relieve pain is highly recommended.

Choose from any of the following series:

Mama Love
Prenatal Series of 5

Please choose from the following modalities to create a series to meet your specific needs.

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy: to help regulate the nervous system and find ease, comfort and a sense of well being.
  • Massage Therapy: to help circulation, relieve muscle tension, regain a sense of alignment and relaxation. Mama & Me-
  • Feldenkrais® Movement Repatterning: to help relieve pain and restore your sense of alignment and ease in moving

Mama & Me
Postpartum Series of 5

Add to the above package Infant Developmental Movement Education to support your child’s gross and fine motor development, their attachment and sense of well being, security, self confidence, curiosity and delight.

See IDME page for details about this work.