Class Descriptions

Cultivate Ease, Discover Elegance: The Feldenkrais Method

FeldenkraisĀ® lessons offer a very gentle yet precise method to reconnect to the natural intelligence of our body and mind. Through a series of Awareness Through MovementĀ® classes we will learn new ways to coordinate the movement of our shoulders, spine, neck and head to discover greater ease and freedom from pain. In these classes you will become familiar with habitual patterns of movement that limit your range of movement, sense of ease and self expression. Expand your sense of possibility – transform how you sense, feel, move and think!

Baby Steps! Well Baby Infant Developmental Movement Education Class

During this class we will come together to witness the unique unfolding and learning process that infants are naturally engaged in. We will learn and practice the development of the basic neurologic patterns and learn ways to support the full movement development of our babes. The class will be experientially based and supported by information on infant developmental movement so that each family leaves with a greater awareness and skill.

Individual Sessions and Ongoing Classes available

Embodied Presence Classes

This class is a lab for embodied movement and is an opportunity to deepen your sense of connection to yourself in a state of presence and play. Through movement, touch and visualization we deepen our sense of embodiment and uncover the extensive network or resources within us to support our optimal health. This class will incorporate somatic wisdom from Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Continuum Movement and Improvisation.

Please call for availability.

Current Schedule

Interested in a class that is not currently scheduled? You can help draw together a class with a minimum of 6 people.