Somatic Movement Education

Within each of us there is an innate tendency toward health, growth, and the fulfillment of potential.
– Linda Hartley, BMC Practitioner, Movement Therapist

What are Somatics?

Somatics are a form of movement education and bodywork that acknowledges the total interconnection of body, mind, senses, feelings and movement on a path to discovering greater self organization and fulfillment of purpose. Somatics aim to treat not only the symptoms of unrest but to engage the whole person and the patterns that underlie our functioning. Somatic disciplines often work with an individual’s movement patterns as a fundamental way that we organize ourselves and as a powerful tool to facilitate change.


  • Greater self awareness and felt sense of embodied physical presence
  • Increased coordination, balance, flexibility and clarity of purpose
  • Nervous system balance and regulation
  • Efficient, graceful, easy movement and a decrease in pain
  • Greater sense of ease and well being

Who is it for?

  • Individuals interested in deepening the sense of self awareness and body-mind connection
  • Prenatal and postpartum mothers recovering from pregnancy and childbirth and navigating profound changes of that new life brings
  • Athletes interested in improving their performance, coordination, alignment and ease
  • Individuals with disabilities and movement challenges that wish to find a path to greater mobility and function
  • Aging adults that wish to continue to move with grace and freedom from pain
  • Families with infants that wish to support the full development of their child’s body, mind and emotional well being
  • Individuals that suffer from nervous system unrest and autoimmune disorders.

With links to Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, IDME & Somatic Experiencing