Body Mind Centering

Body Mind Centering is an approach to Somatic Movement Education and bodywork that utilizes movement education and hands on repatterning work to support our personal embodiment. Body Mind Centering is an experientially based approach to SME and bodywork that is interested in supporting the embodiment and application of anatomy,

Body Mind Centering is a form of Somatic Movement Education that uses movement, touch, visualization and the study of anatomy and physiology to deepen our sense of embodiment. Through this process we are introduced to the extensive network of resources within us that support our optimal health, expression and range.

The School for Body Mind Centering, directed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, leads students through a deep experiential journey that is largely comprised of a study of Embodied Anatomy and Developmental Movement Education.

BMC Embodied Anatomy involves a extensive study of the anatomy, physiology and qualities of movement of all the body systems within a holistic framefwork of human development. The integration and function of the systems of the body can help optimize our physical, emotional and mental balance. Stress and dis-ease in any particular system is an indication of how we are organized and can be a key to developing a balanced lifestyle that will better serve our needs and goals.

Developmental Movement Education teaches the basic neurologic patterns that underlie all human movement and are the foundation for our mental and emotional balance and expression. We explore the mind state of the various systems and learn to support the balance and full development of all stages and patterns.

Current BMC Inspired Class Descriptions


Embodied Presence

This class is a lab for embodied movement and is an opportunity to deepen your sense of connection to yourself in a state of presence and play. Through movement, touch and visualization we deepen our sense of embodiment and uncover the extensive network or resources within us to support our optimal health. This class will incorporate somatic wisdom from Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Continuum Movement and Improvisation.

Baby Steps!

Well Baby Infant Developmental Movement Education Class

During this class we will come together to witness the unique unfolding and learning process that infants are naturally engaged in. We will learn and practice the development of the Basic Neurologic Patterns and learn ways to support the full movement development of our babes. The class will be experientially based and supported by information on infant developmental movement so that each family leaves with a greater awareness and skill.

Individual Sessions and Ongoing Classes available

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Additional Body Mind Centering Applications:

Infant Developmental Movement Education

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