Infant Developmental Movement Education

“The importance of working with babies during the first year is that it helps set up a broader baseline, offering more choices in not only how to see events or problems, but how to act on them; it gives them the most multiplicity of direction.”
- Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder and Director, Body Mind Centering®

Infant Developmental Movement (IDME)

What is IDME®?

The first year of life is a time of tremendous learning, integration and exploration that sets the foundation for our future movement patterning as well as our social, emotional and spiritual life. Infant Developmental Movement Education® is an educational model that seeks to support children and their families to create learning opportunities that will optimize the child’s growth and development during this important time of life.

Informed by science as well as personal experience, this model expresses a holistic and non-invasive approach to child development that honors the child individual growth and expression as a reflection of their unique being.

Learn how to

  • Support the organic expression of the Basic Neurological Patterns and Reflexes that are the building blocks of your child’s physical and emotional life
  • Recognize the importance of each stage of development in the first year and become adept and identifying your child’s strengths and areas to support
  • Learn practices that will help your child develop a full range of movement to develop a strong sense of self confidence and esteem
  • Support your child’s attachment and sense of security as the ground for their future creativity and curiosity to move out into the world
  • Develop an ability to support the natural rhythms of your child’s nervous system to help them experience greater ease, comfort and satisfaction

The first year of life is a profound time to be present with your child and to become aware of ways to actively support your child’s full development. Through this model you will learn skills to recognize and support your child’s movement development that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

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