to live a life aligned

to live a life aligned

to live a life alignedto live a life aligned

and find freedom in what is.

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somatic movement education- classes and individual sessions

I help clients sense, feel and move with more ease and freedom. Drawing from methods including embodied anatomy, Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, Personal Awareness Practices and the School of Disappearance, I help clients develop greater range in themselves, comfort in the unknown and courage to be with what is.  Through this work we meet what is present, listen to what is needed, and follow what emerges from a place of openness and unknowing, fearlessness and heart.



Over 25 years of experience in healing arts and body work informs my touch and ability to perceive and support pathways towards ease and balance. 

My work draws on years of hands on experience and weaves together the skillful means of somatic modalities to help bring balance to the different systems of the body, release patterns that inhibit aliveness and reorganize our mind and movement towards what serves our highest unfolding. 

In addition to offering a deeply nourishing experience, I help clients develop insights into how to support themselves on a path to greater health and well being. 


contemplative movement practice and mindful living

I help people develop skills of embodied immediacy, deep listening, kinesthetic delight and deep play.* I offer skills to develop a daily personal awareness practice and discover a path to connect to what is true, unwind stress, release what no longer serves. From knowing ourselves we dive into  open space, interpersonal connection and play.


the pema project

Of all the various disciplines and challenges I have faced in my life, non have been more monumental than of being a mother. Mothering in the age of the modern experiement is as daunting as it is rewarding. I work to support mothers and women, emotionally, physically and spiritually on this most noble and difficult path.


elder care and community

I have worked with the elderly and people with disabilities for over 20 years. I work with individuals in their home, in hospitals, care facilities and anywhere in between. I help clients develop greater resilience in the face of challenge, acceptance in the face of loss, humor in the face of fear. Holding the hands of people from the beginning of life to the final breath, has been a privilege that has informed me to the depths of my soul and will always hold a prominent role in my life's work




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